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Your contract will be with Holiday Mood Limited or any of its travel subsidiaries. For your financial security Holiday Mood Limited holds an Air Travel Organisers License (ATOL protected 5934) and are members of IATA. When booking travel arrangements our contract with you begins when we tell you your booking is confirmed either by telephone, fax or email. Once the contract is made we are responsible for providing the travel arrangements you have booked and you are responsible to us to pay for them. In parties of two or more people the person who makes the booking, by signing the booking form or otherwise contracting as telephone order with us, accepts responsibility for making payments to us for all members of the party

Full payment for all products including promotional and offer fares based on foreign currency are required at the time of booking regardless of the product arrangements being confirmed. In the event that the Company is unable to obtain confirmation and cannot offer an alternative, a refund will be issued. The Company will not accept responsibility for cash sent through the post. The company reserves the right to pass on any charges relating to returned cheques and credit card charge backs. Taxes and fuel surcharges do fluctuate in line with exchange rates and will be recalculated on the day final balance payments are collected. You will be advised if additional monies are due. Payment can be made by all major Credit Cards. The Company reserves the right to charge you in addition for any handling fees incurred by us in relation to bookings made by credit or charge card. You will be notified of the relevant charges prior to issue of a confirmation invoice. If your travel documents are being paid for with a third party credit/debit card we will require written authorisation to be provided by the cardholder. We would also like to draw your attention to the purchase of products by credit or debit cards where payment does not take place in person. In accordance with mail order regulations, all documents will be posted to the billing address of the credit/debit cardholder and not the address of the passenger (unless they are one and the same). We will endeavour to send out travel documents 14 days prior to departure by first class post at client’s own risk. Special, Recorded or Registered post can be arranged at an additional charge. The Company will not accept responsibility for documents mislaid or lost by the Royal Mail.

Air Reservations

Many scheduled and most discounted airfares, carry amendment and cancellation fees sometimes up to 100%. It is important that all customers’ check the fare rules prior to confirming their reservations detailed under the fare quote. Click through for further details on full fare notes. Amendments and cancellations cannot be processed until the original tickets have been returned. Refunds are processed as quickly as possible. Generally totally unused tickets can be processed by Holiday Mood within 5 working days, but may then take between 12-14 weeks to appear on your credit card statement. In the meantime, many card issuers will allow the item to be placed in dispute to avoid interest charges. Holiday Mood accepts no liability for interest charges incurred for outstanding refunds. For scheduled air fares, an administration fee of £100 per ticket will be applied to all amendments and cancellations in addition to the airline's standard fees. Partially unused tickets may have to be returned to the issuing airline to calculate the refund due (if any) which normally takes 6-12 weeks to process. In some isolated cases this can take up to 12 months. Tickets issued for discounted air fares are subject to an administration fee of £150 in addition to the charges applied by the airline.

Hotel Reservations

All hotel reservations made through Holiday Mood are guaranteed for late arrival. This means that if you fail to cancel an unwanted hotel room you will still be charged as the hotel will hold your room right through in case you are delayed. Hotels have varying cancellation policies which range from prior to 6pm on the day to 72 hours prior to arrival in order to avoid paying for the first night's reservation. Please ensure that unwanted rooms are cancelled as early as possible to try and avoid charges.


Insurance is 100% non-refundable.

Although the Company makes every effort to ensure that published descriptions are correct, it does not own or operate airlines and other suppliers and cannot control or prevent changes. The Company therefore reserves the right to change the description of any flight and/or ground service before you book, in which case you will be told before a confirmation invoice is issued. Although under no obligation to do so, the Company will endeavour to notify all changes before departure if it is practicable to do so. No compensation is payable by the Company in such cases. Should a schedule change occur to your itinerary after full balance/ticket issue, on either the outbound or return flights the relevant suppliers decision will be final and Holiday Mood amendment charges may apply.

Pack the night before you travel, to save rushing and being late for your flight. Check the weather forecast at your destination before travel to avoid taking unnecessary luggage

Roll clothes instead of folding them, it creates less creases. Honest!

Pack travel sizes of all of the lotions and potions you require to save space.

Check with the airline you are traveling with on the stipulated baggage allowances. Ensure that your hand baggage allowance does not exceed the level enforced by the airline you are traveling with. This ensures unnecessary embarrassment at the check-in desk, having to move luggage from your hand baggage to your suitcase.

Check timetables for public transport in advance to ensure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time If taking your car pre-book parking wherever possible or get someone to give you a lift in order to save time Wherever possible use only metered taxis around the airport.

Make sure you have enough foreign currency for your immediate arrival into a foreign country, particularly if your flight arrives at an odd hour.

Always make a list of the Credit / Debit Card numbers and travelers cheques you are carrying along with the suppliers contact numbers in case they get lost.

Give airlines plenty of notice for special meal requirements or seating requests.

Try to leave plenty of time for checking in at the airport.

Always reconfirm your flights before setting out for the airport (do this about 24 hours before time of travel)

Check Duty Free allowances carefully particularly on EU destinations.

Try to book your flights outside of peak hours, in order to avoid busy commuter routes and congestion at the airport.

Do not drink too much before boarding the aircraft, as alcohol and cabin pressure cause enhanced dehydration. You are also unable to use the toilets until the aircraft is airborne and at a safe altitude for the seat belt sign to be taken off.

Check with the airline you are traveling with, as to the availability of telephone and lap top power points on board.

Leave contact details for yourself either with someone at home or somebody in the office in case they need to reach you in an emergency.

A phrase book is always handy - remember, not everyone speaks English.

Try to drink plenty of water whilst on the aircraft as this helps to counter dehydration.
Check in flight magazines, for gentle exercises to do whilst on board to stop stiffness and tiredness of joints.
Cleanse and moisturize skin regularly whilst on board again to counter dehydration.
Eat a light meal onboard as easier to digest, avoid excessive carbohydrates and fats.

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